Louis Seaman and his friend, Joseph Polacek, Perth Amboy, NJ.

Louis Seaman and his friend, Joseph Polacek, Perth Amboy, NJ.
I took this photo of my uncle Joe and his friend Louie with a Holga.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pennsylvania Pickerel Frog

This pickerel frog must have been killed shortly before we found him this morning on our walk around Cherry Valley. At first I thought it was a leopard frog, however when I looked it up, the leopard frog has similar markings but the background color is greener. The resting heart rate of a frog is about 60 beats per minute. When they go into hibernation, it slows to 2.

Yesterday I researched the heart rates of different animals that somehow or another have made their way into the Zorki manuscript. I had no intention of including animals when I began the story, but in building the world of the novel it just made sense and one by one they began to appear. Miles, the narrator, is vegan so naturally he cares about animals, but their mention is just an incidental part of the larger story. Here are a couple of my findings: Cat 150, Hummingbird 250 at rest/1200 when feeding, Pit bull 90, Pigeon 600, Mouse 530, Elephant 30.

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TheHostile said...

I was wondering: When working on such a major project like publishing a book does it somehow seem that some way or another the project is haunting your every step? When your not working on it you still always have it in mind?

The frog has a beautiful pattern btw.