Louis Seaman and his friend, Joseph Polacek, Perth Amboy, NJ.

Louis Seaman and his friend, Joseph Polacek, Perth Amboy, NJ.
I took this photo of my uncle Joe and his friend Louie with a Holga.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Near Pocono Flats, PA

The Zorki Chronicles is now on sale on my author page at Amazon.com and Create Space. It will soon be available for Kindle download for just $3.99.

The picture is from "Near Pocono Flats, PA," a series I've been publishing on The Zorki Chronicles Facebook page. I'm going to also begin publishing them here so more people can view them.

The photos are meant to suggest locations and the vibe in the fictional town, Pocono Flats, PA, the setting of The Zorki Chronicles. PF is located at the intersection of Interstate 80 and the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It is near Centralia, the infamous ghost town created by a mine fire that started in 1964 and is still burning today. In fact it's probably going to burn for at least another 500 years, so if you're planning on visiting, you have plenty of time. I plan on visiting in a few days, to shoot video and do a number of readings from locations I wrote about in the book.

I first went to Centralia about 20 years ago. The first time I went there, I got sick from fumes coming up out of the ground. It was scary -- I was standing in an open area and a strong wind was blowing, so the fumes must have been pretty toxic. In some ways the story of The Zorki Chronicles took root at that time. Just about every year since then I've visited Centralia once or twice, sometimes more. Driving around the towns in the area gave me a lot of material to work with. I took notes and pictures but also just did a lot of walking around, looking, thinking, drinking coffee and wondering about what it would be like to live in this area.

Thanks for reading and please stop back. I'm going to be adding pictures and telling the "story of the story," about writing the book. I would deeply appreciate it if you would share the links to my Amazon Author Page and Create Space on Facebook, your blog, in emails,  and especially in conversations with your friends. The Zorki Chronicles is an indy project. You are my publicity and advertising departments rolled into one. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of advertising, so please help if you can.

P.S. Zorki Chronicles t-shirts and posters are in the works!

Peace out.

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