Louis Seaman and his friend, Joseph Polacek, Perth Amboy, NJ.

Louis Seaman and his friend, Joseph Polacek, Perth Amboy, NJ.
I took this photo of my uncle Joe and his friend Louie with a Holga.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Uncle Joe and his friend Louie, Perth Amboy, NJ

That's my Uncle Joe on the right, at his friend Louie's house in Perth Amboy New Jersey. The picture was taken sometime in the late 1990's with a Holga. I had to do quite a bit of repair work to the file after scanning the negative, which was in pretty bad shape. So I'm not sure whether using the Holga in that instance was a good idea -- they create a distinctive look to the images but if you're not willing to work a lot with what you get on the negative, the results are usually very muddy and, for some strange reason, full of spots. I probably spent a good half hour in PhotoShop just getting rid of the spots. If you're not familiar with Holga images, notice the way the focus falls off around the edges, and the vignetting in the corners.

Of course all of this technical stuff is skirting the main thing to be discussed about the picture, namely my Uncle Joe. He's the reason I became an artist. I'll be editing this post with more of that story when I get some time. I recently set up my new digital studio, with a film scanner, printer, etc., and I'm looking forward to posting more Holga images scanned from film, along with wide-lux shots and pictures taken with several other cameras.

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